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Our view

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween And Carving Pumpkins

Happy Halloween! On Halloween there is something special having a freshly carved pumpkin.  I think it is a combination of my childhood and my childrens.  I do remember carving pumpkins as kids but it was mostly my brothers carving the pumpkins and Pam and I watched.  I think the first time I ever carved a pumpkin by myself  was when I was in college.  After that I carved one almost every year.  When my kids were little we would carve three pumpkins.  One for Carrie, one for Jenny and one for the whole family.  As they grew they eventually got to carve their own pumpkins.  I missed a few Halloweens while Tim and I were on the road traveling.  My kids now get their own pumpkins and carve them which makes me happy that the tradition stays alive.  The best part of carving pumpkins is to get the pumpkin seeds.  I love to roast the seeds and eat them. 
Yesterday I took a step further in my carving and I carved two bats in one of the pumpkins I was carving and then my traditional pumpkin face in the other pumpkin and carving two pumpkins gave me even more pumpkin seeds! 
Here is my public service announcement, Don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour when you go to bed tonight.  Daylight savings time has come to an end.  So here's to an extra hour of sleep and getting dark at 5:00 pm.  Happy Halloween!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

High Tides Equals Coastal Flooding

The San Diego area has been hit with exceptionally high tides combined with higher-that-average surf that has caused minor flooding in the low lying areas along streets and parking lots at the beach.  In Oceanside a restaurant that sits right on the waterline is getting hammered by the waves.  A high tide of about 7 feet aka the "spring tide" caused when the sun and the moon line up makes the usual surf that is usually 3 to 5 feet to increase the surf to 6 to 7 feet.  The beaches in Oceanside, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, La Jolla and Imperial Beach have been getting particularly hit hard.  It does make for some great wave watching and getting soaked just standing on the roads near the ocean. The tides will be going back down to normal starting today and due to the Santa Ana that is moving in on the area this week end.  Just in time for Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Sweet 16 Birthday Party & A Rainbow

Last night I help celebrate a friend's son 16th Birthday.  We did kid him about his "Sweet 16" but he took it well.  He had a pretty good Birthday.  His Dad let him skip school and the two of them drove up to Temecula to play a round of Golf and have lunch.  We celebrated his birthday last night at King's Fish House. Now if you anything about me you know I don't care for fish of any kind so let's also through in seafood too!  So I enjoyed a nice burger while everyone else enjoyed their fish and seafood.  H got some nice presents and we all got to enjoy the cake too!
Meanwhile back at the farm Tim got to see a beautiful Rainbow today.  After a day long of rain and gloom the sun broke through just before it got dark and Tim took some great pictures of the Rainbow.  As an added bonus the changing colors of the leaves make the picture even better.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Being Creative For Halloween

I was looking at Facebook last week and came across a picture of a young lady and behind her hanging on the wall was a Halloween decoration of pumpkins.  I kind of liked the decoration but knew I could make and make it look cuter.  So I got busy and created one.  I knew I needed some burlap ribbon for the pumpkins to hang from and found it at Dollar Tree.  I then picked out the color paper I wanted to use (I used cardstock) and then found an oval die cut that would cut the ovals I needed to make the pumpkin.  Each pumpkin needed three ovals to make the pumpkin.  I cut the stem from some brown card stock and used a flower punch to create the leaves.  I then used black glitter paper to make the eyes, nose and mouth. After cutting and punching enough paper to make three hangings I got busy and started my design. It took me about 20 to 30 minutes to complete the project.  It was an easy project and it ended up really cute.  I sent one to Jenny and Nate and I sent one to Carrie and Daniel.  The third one I gave to my sister.  It was just another way I could say Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Movie Weekend

I saw two great movies over the week end.  On Saturday night Pam and I went to Cinepolis, like I did last Sunday, to see the movie 'The Intern' starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro.  It was really good and we both enjoyed the movie very much.  It is a comedy about a retired man working in a fast growing company. 
On Sunday night we went back to Cinepolis and saw the movie "The Martian" starring Matt Damon.  It also was very good.  I really enjoyed the movie and we all wondered what it would be like to be so smart that you could figure anything.  Okay maybe my brother in law Brian is that smart since he helped with the Mars Rover computer programming. 
Both movies were great and if you have not seen them I would highly recommend them both. Thanks Pam and Brian for treating me to two great movies at Cinepolis.  I hope I can get use to our little Theater at home.  Of course I will, they only charge $5 for first run movies!

Monday, October 26, 2015

More Halloween Fun

With Halloween only a week away Pam and I spent most of the day on Saturday doing a little more shopping.  In the subdivision Pam and Brian live in the neighbors like to "ghost" each other which means that they give a little Halloween gift to a neighbor and place a ghost on their door.  That shows other neighbors that they have been ghosted.  The ghosting gifts can be candy, baked goods or decorations.  Pam usually ghosts a couple of neighbors each year and she wanted to get the neighbors she was ghosting a little nicer gift.  We headed over to Hobby Lobby and found a couple of cute things.  When we got back to the house Pam went and "ghosted" her neighbors.  When she got back we got busy doing a little more decorating.  We added some decorations to some Mums that we purchased and then decorated some fake pumpkins with some pumpkin face stickers.  It was a nice day and the house looks even more festive.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Witches Party

On Friday night Pam and I went to a Witches party hosted by a neighbor and friend, Lorraine.  She holds the event every year and I was once again invited to attend since I was in town.  Lorraine's home here in Carlsbad is a second home that she comes to stay at twice a year for a few months.  She lives in Long Island.  Her daughter's birthday is Oct. 31 and so she is use to making Halloween extra special.  Since her daughter is grown up now and living in the Chicago she has gone from throwing parties for her daughter to hosting an annual Witches Party.  Lorraine goes all out from decorating her home inside and out to making all the food and desserts.  Lorraine owned a successful bakery in Long Island and so her desserts are the best.  She also is a great cook and all I can say is you do not leave Lorraine's home hungry.  This year there were 10 of us including Lorraine's son who came in for a visit from Australia.  To attend the Witches party there are two requirements you have to wear a Witches had and heels.  The hats that are worn a very elaborate and so are the heels.  I managed to avoid having to wear heels since I am here visiting and do not have any heels.  We all had a wonderful time and Lorraine is a marvelous hostess.  At the end of the evening Lorraine had a wonderful surprise, her husband flew in from New York for the weekend.  I am so glad we were there when he arrived because her face was priceless when the she answered the door.  Thank you Lorraine for including me in this year's Witches party.  I had a wonderful time and it was good to see all who attended.  What a fun annual event!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Happy Birthday TIm!

Today is Tim's Birthday and it is the first one we have not spent together in the 32 plus years that we have been together.  It seems weird not to be with him on his day but I hope he knows that I am there in spirit and will be thinking of him on his day.  The trip to San Diego was planned knowing I would not be there for his birthday.  Sorry Tim but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Tim has been the best husband I could ask for or want.  He always thinks of the girls and I first and only wants the best for us.  We have had a great 32 + years together and we have many more years to be together.  He has been a wonderful father to our girls and is the best Bumpa to Rory. 
Tim I love you and hope you have a wonderful Birthday!  Happy Birthday Tim!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Traffic Jam In Parrottsville

We live out in the middle of cow farms and it does not get much more rural than that so how can there be a traffic jam in Parrottsville.  Well, the traffic was a rafter of turkeys.  Yes, I had to Google that because I was sure there was a name for it but did not know it. Yesterday while Tim was driving one of the roads to the farm he came across several turkeys that were crossing the road.  He said there were even a few really plump ones.  With Thanksgiving a little over a month away that could be dangerous for the turkeys.  The traffic jam did not last long and Tim was on his way again. So a bunch of turkeys all together are called a rafter and  then there is a gaggle of geese, a flock of ducks, a herd of goats and a muster of peacocks.  That pretty much sums up what else could cause a traffic jam in Parrottsville.  It sure beats California traffic where it is bumper to bumper traffic going 75 miles per hour. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Poor Cubs

What a sad day.  I was really hoping that the Cubs were going to be able to win the game and stay in the playoffs but the Mets had another idea.  The Cubs had the third best record in baseball this year and they had just beaten the second and first best record teams, the Pittsburg Pirates and the St Louis Cardinals.  Now all three are out of contention for the World Series.  The Cubs do have a young strong team and I know they will be back next year and ready to win.  Thanks Cubbies for letting your fans have some post season games.  It was fun to dream!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mr Padre Honored

Here is San Diego is the home of the San Diego Padres and one player nicknamed Mr Padre is Tony Gwynn.  Tony Gwynn played 20 seasons with the Padres and is sports hero in San Diego.  He passed away June 16, 2014 after a long battle with cancer of the salivary gland.  While playing with the San Diego Padres he had more than 3100 hits in 2400 games. After his retirement he became the Head Coach of San Diego State University, his alma mater.  This past Monday Tony Gwynn was honored  with a portion of Interstate 15 being named Tony Gwynn Memorial Freeway.  It is a 4 1/2 mile stretch of I-15 from Scripps Poway Parkway to Camino Del Norte. Included in the stretch is Exit 19 Tony Gwynn's number.  Tim and I use to attend the Padres games when we were stationed here in San Diego.  Watch Tony Gwynn play was one reason we enjoyed watching the Padres.  Thank you Mr Padre for all that you did on and off the field.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Let's Go Cubs!

The Chicago Cubs have made it to the National League  Divisional Playoffs and did it for the first time at Wrigley Field.  The Cubs have not been in the playoffs since 2008 when it looked like they were going to make it into the World Series until a Cubs fan interfered in a play and lost the game for Chicago.  Well they are in the playoffs again and yes they are down two games but there are still 5 more games that could be played.  In the movie 'Back To The Future 2' there was a headline stating that the Cubs won the  World Series in 2015.  I like that and still think it could happen.  Game 3 is played tonight at Wrigley Field.  With that said the only way I can end this blog is Let's Go Cubbies!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Bridge Of Spies

I went and saw "Bridge Of Spies"  yesterday at Cinepolis with a neighbor friend. The movie starring Tom Hanks is based of a true story during the Cold War in the 50's.  The movie was excellent and kept my interest during the 2 hour and 21 minute movie which did not seem like it was that long.  I had not heard of the story before the movie was released.  Tom Hanks did a great job and Steven Spielberg once again turned out a great movie.  It is definitely a good one to go see. 
Cinepolis is a luxury theater with leather recliner seats, high end food and drinks, including alcoholic drinks, and a wait staff to take your order in the theater and bring it to you.  At $20 a ticket it should be comfortable.  I understand the attraction of seeing a movie there.  It was a nice afternoon!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall Festival Time

It is Fall Festival time again and I know in Tennessee that means a festival every week end.  I miss not going to the festivals but yesterday Tim, George and Lisa went to the Fall Festival in Cosby.  Last year that was one of the best festivals because not only are there a lot of vendors but there is live bands playing, a mill making fresh flour and a car show.  There is plenty of parking which is great because sometimes parking can be an issue.  Tim had a great time and he picked up a few items along with a Christmas present for Rory.  What a good Grandpa! 
Rory attended her first official Orange Park Fall Festival yesterday too with Jenny and Nate and Rory's other Grandma, Robin.  In a matter of fact they enjoyed it so much they are going back again today.  The Orange Park Fall Festival has always been one of our family's favorite things to attend and we never missed it.  I found some great Christmas presents there, ran into lot of friends and ate some great food.  I wish I could of been with Rory today but maybe next year we can all go together.
If you have a fall festival where you live I encourage you to attend.  They are always fun and you never know who you will run into.  Happy Fall everyone!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Looking For A Laser Battery

I was asked by a friend if I could pick up her son at school yesterday.  Since I did not have anything planned I said sure.  Her son, I will call him H, is 15 years old and is going to get his driver's permit today.  I asked him if he studied and he said a little bit.  On our way back H's house he asked if we could make a short errand to get a battery for his laser.  Since I had nothing planned I said sure.  We were not sure where to go.  I thought of Radio Shack but since most of the stores have shut down it is hard to find a Radio Shack.  I then thought of Best Buy but they do not sell anything like that.  Then I remembered Batteries Plus and looked on Google Maps where the closest one was.  Luckily it was only about 8 minutes away.  So we left Best Buy and headed for Batteries Plus.  This was the first time I had been in a Batteries Plus and I have to say they stay true to their name.  They had batteries I didn't even know existed.  H found the battery he needed and so he bought it and the sales people there were very helpful.  H was very appreciative that I ran the errand for and with him.  Good luck today H!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Binge Watching

After watching the Emmys this past September one show that has won an Emmy the last couple of years and has had me curious about is "Orange Is The New Black".  The premise of the show is based on life at a women's minimum security prison.  I had difficulty getting past the language used and the sexual content but what kept me watching were the characters and their story lines.  The show is a Netflix original show so in order to see it you have to have access to Netflix or buy the series on DVD or Blu Ray at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc.  There are three seasons and each season has 13 one hour shows.  I started watching the first season and after the first show I was hooked and have managed to watch the first and second season in about a week so far.  I have started the third season and should be finishing up on that season in the next couple of days.  Like I said that once you get past the language and sexual content it is a very funny and clever show.  Thanks Netflix for developing shows that are really quite good. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Halloween Shopping

Yes, I said Halloween shopping. Just because my kids are adults now doesn't mean that I have to give up on doing something for them on Halloween and of course I get to spoil Rory too.  I like to send a small Halloween package to Carrie and Jenny but Rory is the one who will make out for Halloween.  I had so much fun yesterday looking for things for Rory and I found some pretty good items.  I think Rory will like them.  Today I am spending some time with a friend.  We are headed to Temecula for the day.  Check back tomorrow and see what we did.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Is It Indian Summer Or Just A Heatwave?

For the past couple of weeks it has been hot here in Southern California.  The normal temperatures for the Carlsbad area for this time of year is usually high 60's to low 70's.  This year, weather wise, has been weird.  It is summer heat Florida style.  It is usually a dry heat here and at night it gets into the low 60's but as I write this it is still 76 degrees outside.  In Florida and several other parts of the country this would be no big deal because most people have air conditioning.  In the Carlsbad area it usually only gets this warm one or two weeks a year so most people do not have air conditioning.  My sister's home is one that does not so cooling off, especially at night, is not an option.  Everyday the weather people here in the San Diego area say it is the last day of the heat but then the heat advisory gets extended.  I packed more clothes for the cooler temps and now I should have only packed summer things.  So, maybe this is Indian Summer but California style.  Oh joy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Late Post = Busy Morning

Here in southern California it is barely 9:30 and I have already had a busy morning.  I got up early because the cleaning lady, my sister's, was coming at 8:00 and I had a few things that had to be done before she got here not just because she was coming but it is also Garbage day and I wanted to clean out the refrigerator and cabinets before the truck came.  So I have already competed two loads of laundry, bedding and towels, cleaned out the refrigerator and the pantry, got the dogs fed and walked, emptied the dishwasher and ate breakfast.  Not bad for a couple hours of work. 
So what am I going to do with the rest of my day?  Hmmm, maybe go shopping again!  Check back tomorrow and see what I ended up doing.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sports Update Monday

I know I usually only cover football but with my Cubbies (Chicago Cubs) in the playoffs I have two sports I am following.  First, way to go Cubs.  The NL Central Division playoff is tied !-1 with three games left.  The first two games were in St. Louis (the #1 winning team in baseball this year) but today and tomorrow they play in Chicago.  Go Cubs Go!
Now on to  Football - this has been a strange year for the NFL and College Football for me.  My teams in the NFL were sort of predictable but my College teams are all over the board.  First let's go College.  Who would of thought that the Florida Gators would have a 6-0 record.  Due to their winning they are ranked #8 this week.  Go Gators!  Michigan is doing well and have a 5-1 record and are ranked #12 this week.  Missouri lost to the Gators this week end and now have a 4-2 record.  Three teams are at the 500 mark, NIU, NAU and Oregon.  Oregon and NIU are the big surprise here.  Last year neither team lost three times.  Then there is South Carolina who just are not playing well.  They have a 2-4 record.  Who would of thought?
The NFL teams, except the Bears are following a familiar path.  The Broncos are undefeated with a 5-0 record and the Jaguars and Titans who are at 1-4 and 1-3 were expected.  The Bears however have been a disappointment.  They lost their first three games but at least they have won the last two.  Both my 1 or 2 points with a 2-3 record.  Of course being a Chicago sports fan also means supporting your teams win or lose.
So today game three in the NL Central Division, Cubs vs Cardinals, and all I can say is Go Cubs Go!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Community Garage Sale

After dropping off Pam and Brian at the Airport in downtown San Diego I headed north to Craig and Karyn's house in Laguna Niguel to help them with their garage sale.  Their neighborhood holds a community garage sale once a year, usually during the summer months, and this year the date was changed to try and beat the heat.  Well, that didn't work.  Yesterday was one of the hottest days in Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties.  It was already in the 90's at 8:00 am and by the afternoon the temperature had reached over a 100 degrees.  It was plain HOT.  The garage sale went pretty good and we managed to stay in some kind of shade but the clean up was brutal.  Anything that was in the sun was hot and in some cases way too hot to even touch.  We all found that out the hard way, ouch!  Craig and Karyn's community did one thing that was genius.  They arranged for a huge dumpster to be delivered and after the event residents could dump all the items they no longer wanted into the dumpster for easy clean up; genius!  I helped Craig and Karyn clean up then we went into their air conditioned home to cool off.  It was a good day and I got to spend more time with Craig and Karyn even if it was a little warm.  I headed back down to Carlsbad where the temperature was a cool 97.  For Carlsbad, that was a record since their normal temperatures in October are high 60's low 70's.   It was hot but it will be cooler today with temperatures in the high 80's; what a relief!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Aloha Pam And Brian

I originally was suppose to fly to San Diego this week to dog sit and house sit Pam and Brian's house while they are in Hawaii.  I had offered last Spring to do so and they agreed.  So today, going to the airport very early, they are headed to Hawaii and I get to stay at their house with the dogs.  I know Gunnar and Maddie will be good for me because they are good dogs.  I just hope they won't miss their Mom and Dad too much.  While Pam and Brian are taking a much deserved vacation I will be busy creating cards for Pam's November SAS and also visiting Craig and Karyn.  Of course Pam's neighbors have all offered help if I need it and some will be keeping me busy while Pam and Brian are gone.  I am just glad everything worked out for all.  Aloha Pam and Brian.

Friday, October 9, 2015

More Visitors At The Farm

George and Lisa's kids have come for a visit to the farm.  They have been there before but they have not seen a lot of the extras that have been worked on during the last visit.  Travis visited in June so he has seen a lot of things but Kaitlyn has not been to the farm since last November so there will be a lot of changes for Kaitlyn to see.  Of course they both get to meet Roxy.  Travis has brought his dog Nyx and Kaitlyn has brought her cat Kato.  So the Francisco home will be full with people and pets.  Have fun this week end!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Go Cubs!

If you have been following either one of my blogs you know I am from Chicago.  This means that not only am I a Chicago Bears Fan but it also means I am a huge Chicago Cubs Baseball fan.  I have loved the Cubs since I was a little girl going to Wrigley Field to watch the games or watching them on WGN TV.  This also means, as a Cubs fan, that I have watched the Cubs lose a lot.  Well this current season they won.  They had the third best winning record in baseball.  Unfortunately the first and second best records were in their same division, the NL Central.  The St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburg Pirates were first and second.  The Cubs made the playoffs this year and last night was the NL Central Wildcard playoffs.  It consisted of one game, winner advances which meant the Cubs(3rd) played the Pirates (2nd).  The game started at 7:08 in the Central time zone which is Chicago time.  7:08 in Military time is 19:08 which the last year the Cubs won the World Series.  Yesterday was 10/7 which the last time the Cubs won the World Series was 107 years ago.  I got these numbers from a High School friend, thanks Jeff.  Last night I watched the game and watched the Cubs beat the Pirates 4 -0; way to go Cubbies!  Now on to the NL Central playoffs against the Cardinals. Go Cubs!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Halloween Decorations

My sister Pam decorated her house for Halloween.  Halloween is one of her favorite holidays and she has some really great decorations.  Most of them she has purchased but some were gifts from her neighbors.  Her neighborhood does this "Ghosting" thing every Halloween season.  Someone will ghost a house (gifts such as a decoration, baked goods, candy, etc will be left at a house and a ghost gets placed on their door.  When the recipient gets the gift then they go "ghost" another neighbor.  I like the idea and wish I started that when we lived in Florida.  Anyway, Pam really wanted to decorate for Halloween before they go on vacation so she spent the last two afternoons decorating.  Brian put the lights up on the house.  Everything looks so good.  Great job Pam and Brian.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Remembering Mom!

On Sunday Craig and Karyn hosted a gathering to remember our Mom.  Friends in the area were invited and it was a nice way to just celebrate my Mom right now.  Our big Memorial service for our Mom will be next summer in Lake Geneva, WI where we had a summer cottage when we were growing up.    My Mom talked a lot about the cottage and Lake Geneva the few weeks before she passed away so we all decided that would be the place to put her ashes.  A Wisconsin girl goes back home.
The gathering was very nice with about 30 people attending.  My brother Craig created a beautiful slide show that he played on his TV through out the house.  My sister Pam and I made some food along with my sister in law Karyn and friend Dori.  Almost everyone who attended brought food so there was plenty to eat.  We displayed my Mom's Dollhouse she built with me along with several pictures of her and a bottle of Crown Royal.  Mom loved to have a cocktail or two at night.
My brother toasted her and several family and friends reminiscent about her.  We played some of her recordings then finished with the song "Gloria" that Craig wrote about Mom.  It was a great way to remember Mom and it allowed some closure for Craig, Karyn, Pam, Brian and me.  Mom would of loved the whole thing and we know she was there in spirit!  Love you Mom!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Shadow!

Today is my dog Shadow's Birthday!  Happy Birthday Shadow!  He is the best dog in the world in my opinion and I hope he has a good birthday.  I wish I was home to help celebrate but I know Tim will do something special for him today.  Shadow had a rough beginning as he was found when he was about 6 weeks old behind a Walmart on a cold rainy night.  He was taken in by one of my employees who cleaned him up but could not keep him due to the fact that they had a couple of dogs already and a new baby.  I am not sure how Shadow got into Carrie's hands but for my 50th birthday Carrie gave Shadow to me.  He was a mess covered in fleas and had the mange but once we got him cleaned up and after a couple of vet visits he became the best dog we have ever had.  Shadow got his name because even though he was given to me he really loved Tim and followed him everywhere hence the name Shadow.  Tim trained Shadow really well and we knew he was a smart dog because he learned very quickly.  He loves to travel and he has been the best companion during our travels in the RV.  He was always ready for a new adventure and has enjoyed traveling.  Shadow is a Flat Coated Retriever, looks like a black Golden Retriever, and is a people dog.  He is needs to be with people and is one of the friendliest dogs around.  Happy 6th Birthday to my sweet boy!  We love you Shadow!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The SAS Was A Success

The second day of Pam's SAS was a success and the cards were a hit.  We had a smaller group then we usually do which was nice for a change since most of the time, during Pam's SAS, it is pretty full and busy.  There were extra door prizes so everyone went home with extra goodies.  When the last lady left Pam and I got busy cleaning up and putting everything away.  What took three days to set up took one hour to take down and be put away.  Thanks Pam, you did another great job!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Seting Up For The SAS

This week Pam and I have been busy getting ready for her September SAS (Stamp And Stack).  I know it is October but the SAS had to be postponed due to my Mom's illness and death.  We decided to go ahead with the SAS because my Mom loved them and this one was in honor of my Mom.  We had 14 stampers last night and it was not as busy as it usually is but when it had to be postponed twice we were happy with the turn out.  We have another session today and even though there is only going to be 10 ladies in attendance (there is usually 20 - 25) it will be fun anyway.  I got to participate in it and managed to make all the cards and the Make and Take.  The ladies that attended made 10 cards and a make and take.  Everyone wins a door prize and this time there were some extra "gifts".  All of the ladies were so gracious as to give their condolences about my Mom.  Pam has some wonderful friends and I am lucky enough to know them too.  Nice job Pam!  Let's do it again!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Shopping And A Shower Door

I forgot how much fun it is to just go shopping when there are so many stores available and all in close proximity.  After dropping off Pam at her office I headed over to Target.  I picked up some shorts and a top (on clearance) and a Christmas present for Rory.  I then headed over to Jo-Ann's to get some Cross Stitch floss and an item for my sister.  I then headed over to Michaels to pick up a few more things for Pam.  After Michaels I headed over to Party City to pick up some glasses for my sister in law.  Then it was on to Best Buy and Walmart.  The best part about visiting all these stores is that they are all in a five mile radius.  In some cases they were right next door to each other.  It was a very successful shopping trip and I got every thing I needed to get.
While I was shopping back at the farm it was the third day of rain straight and cool outside.  George did decide to fight the rain and began building a door for the outside shower.  The door is looking good so far.  Tim is weather watching there is a Hurricane in the Atlantic and right now it is headed for his area of the country.  So, the rain and will just might continue. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Outdoor Shower Is Done - Almost!

The outdoor shower is almost done.  All it needs is a door.  The outdoor shower is to be used for washing off after mowing, harvesting or other things that might happen on the farm.  It will also be used to wash the dog, Roxie and maybe even Shadow.  George has planned on this shower since he roughed it out last year so having it almost done has got to be a good feeling.  Now there is one less project to be completed on the farm which is good because Tim and George started looking at the hot tub that George put in last year.  He has had it looked at a couple of times but sometime over the past few months it began to leak in areas that were not expected.  Good luck guys!