Our view

Our view

Saturday, January 20, 2018

After A Two Month Hiatus...

... I am back to stamping.  My sister Pam's SAS is the first week end of February so I need to get busy.  Due to my sister's generosity I have been given some new stamp sets from the new Stampin Up Occasions catalog and yesterday I spent the day, well half the day, creating the first door prize with the new Panda Stamp set.  It is a cute set and Che k out the picture of what I made with it.  It felt good to be in the Crafty Cottage stamping and creating again!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Jumanji 2017

We went and saw the movie Jumamji yesterday and it was so much fun!  It is not a remake of the original movie Jumanji starring Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt but it is it's own story.  The only similarity was the board game and even then it was changed.  It is a laugh out loud movie and the audience was doing just that and so were we.  If you want a fun, adventure movie for all ages then go see Jumamji.  You will not be disappointed!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cold But Pretty

I remember bundling up as a kid to go play in the snow.  Snow pants and jacket, scarf, mittens, boots and a stocking hat.  That cover two layers of clothes and long underwear too.  Yesterday I had two layers on the bottom and three layers on top as I spent the afternoon in the crafty cottage.  It was very pretty out but cold.  The sun finally came out full force in the afternoon and although it was 20 degrees out it felt a lot warmer be cause of the sun.  Today will be warmer and we expect to see a lot of the snow melted today.  It is truly Winter here!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

My First Snow Of 2018

It has snowed and it is my first snow this year.  Lisa and I ventured into Morristown yesterday so I could do some blood work and then we went grocery shopping.  We were on a mission to beat the snow storm that was coming and we did by about three hours.  Snow was originally predicted to start falling around noon but was delayed.  About 4:15 the snow began to fall and it snowed, on and off, until about 11:00 P.M.  I will post pictures of the snow; yesterday and today.  After the snow quit the temperatures dropped drastically and it is a frigid 16 degrees out.  Since the snow is a wet snow the temperature plummeting has turned the snow to ice which may mean we are not going anywhere until it melts and temperatures rise above freezing.  WooHoo, Snow Day!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I Am Back At The Farm

I am back at the farm after being gone for about three months.  During my absence a few things did happen around here and once it gets warmer I will be checking out all the improvements.  I love my new refrigerator and will be filling it up today.  I will be racing the snow storm coming.  I hope I win.  It's good to be back and we got home just in time to see the view!  I did miss it!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Fresh New Look At The Farm

Lisa has decided to change up a few things for herself one being getting healthy and she started by losing weight and is maintaining it now and she looks great!  She walks daily and now swims a few times a week.  She has just done something new again and decided to change her hair style.  She is going natural and has just  taken the steps Needed to do so.  It looks good and Lisa seems to be getting better with age.  Hmmm, kind of like a fine wine!  Way to go Lisa!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Gravel For Quail Way South

A few posts ago I was sharing that Quail Way going towards the orchard was being widened.  Let's just call it Quail Way South. It is done and the final step was to gravel it.  Yesterday the gravel arrived and was put down with ease by the gravel dump truck until it got towards the end and the truck got stuck.  The gravel was pretty heavy on the road and the truck which was backing up could not get enough traction to get going.  George had to get his truck and pull the dump truck up the road until it got traction again.  We know that when you get closer to the orchard things can get stuck and it wasn't the first time this has happened. It just never happened with a dump truck.  Unfortunately there is not any pictures of the dump truck being pulled but the road looks great!  Good job George and Tim!