Our view

Our view

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Water Done!

Tim has finished the water project on the RV.  The water line has been buried and will now be better protected from the weather and the new water filter has been installed in the basement of the RV.  The basement in the RV is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer so the water filter will no longer have to fight the elements.  It is also a lot larger than the one we had, about 80% larger, so now the water from the faucets will taste better and maybe the well smell will not be as bad when showering.  Thanks Tim for the huge improvement.  Great job done!

Friday, November 17, 2017

More Winter Prep

Tim has been busy working on more winter prep on or with the RV.  This will be our fourth winter, I know we took a break last year, and now that we have experienced winter we know what has to be done.  Tim is making it harder for our water line to freeze.  We have to drip water in the kitchen and bathroom so our water lines do not freeze during cold gays and nights.  Tim is relocating our water lines and placing them under ground so that they will be protected by from the cold weather.  We will still have to drip occasionally but not near as often.  One perk in doing so is we are getting a new water filter that will do the whole RV.  Right now we are using a Britta pitcher in our fridge and will continue to do so but it will be nice to have a water filter that takes some of the nasty well water taste away.  Thanks Tim!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Electric Relocation

George has been a busy man working on the RV pad now that there is no longer an RV or shed sitting on it.  He is relocating the hook ups for any future RVs.  Hook ups is water and electricity usually located on the same post at any campsite.  George is relocating the hook up to the rear of the site to make it easy for an RV to get hooked up which allows for a nicer looking campsite.  He had to do some digging but he got it relocated and the new placement looks good.  Way to go George!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Butch Jones Is Out?

Warning...Lisa, don't read!
Butch Jones, the University of Tennessee Football  coach, has been fired.  Now I have heard the Vol fans were fickle and I don't know if that is true or not but when it comes to College football the Vols do it right with their total support but they expect a winning team.  Butch Jones just could not rally his team this year with a 3-6 record over all and an 0-6 record in the SEC, yikes!  Now that you see the stats you know why Butch is gone.  I am not sure who will be the next Vols coach but good luck to them.  The name Peyton Manning has come up!
Okay Lisa you can begin to read again!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mystery On Quail Way - A Tragedy

Another Mystery on Quail Way but this time it is a sad and terrible tragedy.  I don't know if you remember last summer when Lisa and Cheryl found a kitten and our neighbor took it in.  The kitten almost died a few times due to it being too young but our neighbor nursed it through the tough times and the kitten was getting healthier the older he got.  They named him Lucky because he was lucky to be alive and they were lucky to have him in their lives.  Lucky loved to play outdoors but never went far and was always home for dinner.  Well a couple of days ago he did not come home and when they looked for Lucky he was found.  He had been killed by something and was left torn apart.  They think it was a couple of stray dogs that wonder on thier property from time to time but just do not know.  Poor Lucky, he will be missed!

Monday, November 13, 2017

A Great Buy...

George made a great buy...after it was repaired.  George is trying to repair a dryer that belonged to his son that is out of warranty so he can sell it.  While at Lowes they came across the same model but it was electric and not gas.  He picked up the dryer for $100 in a scratch & dent sale.  He was hoping he and Tim could use a part from the electric dryer to repair the gas dryer.  He could not so Tim asked if he could buy the dryer for $100 and try to fix it.  Our daughter, Carrie, lost her dryer and Tim thought if he could fix this one we would give it to her.  George agreed and together they fixed the electric dryer.  So Carrie, Merry Christmas from Dad and I and George & Lisa too!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Year Later...The RV Is Gone!

George and Lisa have sold Travis's RV after just over a year of buying it.  It was meant as a temporary home and it was.  In a year's time Travis was able to purchase his own home and the RV was just a guest house.  Now that it is gone George will be doing some upgrades to the RV site for future visitors with RVs to come visit.  He has some big plans for it and once it is done it will look great! George sent me pictures of the RV moving on!